Wembley West 1

Assessing the visual impact of a proposed 180 to 200 dwellings.

Influence were appointed by Ares Properties Limited (APL) to carry out a Protected Views Assessment required as part of the planning performance agreement entered into between APL and the London Borough of Brent (LBB) in connection with the proposed development of Wembley West 1 on Curtis Lane/Montrose Crescent. The proposed development comprised of 180-200 dwellings including taller building clusters of 13 storeys and 18 storeys.

Through analysis of the Adopted Wembley Area Action Plan (AAP) and Tall Buildings in Wembley Report (TBW), the proposed development of Wembley West 1 had the potential to impact two strategic protected views namely: Horsenden Hill, Perivale and One Tree Hill, Alperton.

In order to assess the potential visual impact of the proposed development on the two identified strategic protected views, verifiable views from each viewpoint were completed using latest guidance. Extensive consultation with LBB, Brent Major Cases Forum (BMCF) and APL planning and the wider architectural team was held over a period of two years. Planning permission was finally granted on the 10th February 2016.

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Landscape/Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment
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INF_N0330_PL01_Viewpoint Locations and Viewing Corridors.aiWembley West 1 - Verifed Views AVR1 [FINAL]-5 cropWembley West 1 - Verifed Views AVR1 FINAL-6