Bexhill Enterprise Park North

Influence were appointed in 2017 to provide a suite of services to Sea Change Sussex, including master planning, landscape design and landscape planning for 33,500sqm (net internal, employment floorspace) as part of the overarching Business Park design.

The site comprises three clearly defined parcels of land, sitting within a shallow, wide and visually contained valley to the north of Bexhill; Influence undertook a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment as part of the site’s Environmental Statement. The process included a night time assessment of the effects of lighting within the development.

Gaining outline planning approval in May 2018 Influence have since been appointed to undertake Reserved Matters and Discharge of Conditions for Phases 1 and 2. Influence have undertaken extensive collaborative working with the Local Authority on behalf of the client. The project will deliver the first light industrial units essential to address the employment deficit in the local area.

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