Treads – ‘transforming a street near you’

As we become more aware of the impact we have on our environment, we focus our attention towards creating green, healthy, and peaceful spaces, transforming even the most industrial areas.

Fresh Air Squares had launched a competition that focuses on replacing parking bays along Tooley Street, with a series of modular temporary ‘pop up’ landscapes.

The emphasis is on using recycled/recyclable products, enhancing biodiversity, climate change adaptable planting and sustainable urban drainage systems for transforming spaces within the public realm, with a £10k budget per ‘Parklet’.

This was our entry…

By combining modern building techniques, sustainably sourced materials with ‘Upcycling Tyres’ our design will create a dynamic space that is easy to install, flexible, ecologically rich and provides a canvas for civic engagement.


The design is based on a complementary palette of hard and soft materials which includes recycled and recyclable materials such as aluminium edging to create the platform frame, a composite floating deck system and earthly toned Corten steel meshed walkways.

SP351_Design.indd The design includes a permeable platform creating a void below for SUDS and climate adaptable planting.

Vertical planters/seating supports will be formed from recycled tyres supplied by a local recycling centre or direct from local retailer.

The backfilled tyres and substrate will provide a growing medium for establishing a mixture of Planting Typologies.