Influence photography CPD with technical specialist

Influence landscape staff members attended a full day CPD with MS Environmental to hone their landscape photography skills, read more:

Influence landscape staff members attended a full day CPD with MS Environmental on the 4th May as part of the practices commitment to a high level of standards in landscape photography and visual presentation.

MSE were established in 2000 and provide a number of technical services to a wide range of clients including Influence. Mike Spence is a member of the Landscape Institute Technical Committee with a specific remit to advice on technical aspects of photography and photomontage in LVIA.

The presentation included technical advice on photography methods, equipment, photo stitching, and compliance with the Landscape Institute’s guidance note 01/11, Scottish Natural Heritage’s Visual Representation of Wind Farms 2014, and the Highland Council Visualisation Standards for Wind Energy Developments 2016.

The day included both classroom presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations out on the banks of the River Trent where Influence’s Newark office is based.
There were many questions and MSE gave practical and thorough answers.

We also took part in the tripod time challenge where staff members went against the clock to take down a fully set up tripod – won by Lindsey with a very respectable 16 seconds.
Influence want to extend their thanks to Mike, Kieran and Greg and the rest of the MSE team who gave a very informative CPD which has given Influence increased confidence in presenting their landscape photography.