Influence at Public Consultations

Public consultations are an opportunity for your voice to be heard. We know that new developments tend to raise pertinent questions, so this is how we facilitate them.

Below are two projects we have recently been involved with where consultation was at the heart of the scheme.

Newton-on-Trent 2014 is the name of a proposal to extend the existing village and create new community facilities for the whole village to enjoy.
The ‘vision for the village’ aims to provide everything that a vibrant and cohesive community needs. With generous facilities for leisure, sport and play, it will become a place that offers more, and provides its villagers with the facilities to thrive as their lifestyles change.
The aim is to make sure that the community is fully involved in the design of the extension and that the village and its services will become sustainable for future generations to come.

Newton - outdoor-fete-300x200

The Land to the south of Chestnut Avenue, North Stoneham Park, has been identified as a proposed allocation in Eastleigh Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan for a mixed use development. It will provide much needed homes together with facilities such as schools, open space and community facilities. Influence have been appointed as the LVIA and landscape design specialist to deliver the landscape framework strategy for the masterplan.

We prepared supporting information and graphics to demonstrate how the landscape, ecology and open space strategy have informed the emerging development masterplan and how together this will deliver a number of local Green infrastructure benefits to the community.

The landscape strategy has been established through an appreciation of the site’s historic landscape character and existing ecological habitats. This has helped to define a series of multifunctional, connected green spaces that will bring consistency and legibility to the landscape creating a variety of vibrant spaces for residents and the wider community to enjoy.

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