Bulb Planting at the International Bomber Command Centre

On a cold but sunny day Influence joined around 20 volunteers, including RAF Air Cadets from Holbeach, to help plant daffodil bulbs at the International Bomber Command Centre at Canwick Hill, Lincolnshire.


Six thousand bulbs were donated by Taylors Bulbs made up of the following varieties:

  • Tamara – a traditional yellow daffodil
  • Dutch Master – a traditional yellow daffodil
  • Las Vegas – a daffodil with cream petals and a yellow trumpet
  • Barrett Browning – a white daffodil with a short orange trumpet
  • Rainbow – a daffodil with white petals and a peach/yellow trumpet
  • Cheerfulness – a creamy/ white double daffodil.

The Lincolnshire Daffodil Society donated 40 daffodil bulbs of a new variety – ‘Lincolnshire Lady’, which were planted by the President of the Society, Jenny Worth.  These bulbs were planted on either side at the top of the main avenue.


Following a demonstration from Tony Worth the Cadets split into groups and each group worked in different areas of the Lincolnshire Gardens and Memorial Avenue.

The bulbs kindly donated by Taylors Bulbs were mixed up and scattered randomly to create natural swathes around the 27 lime trees, which are arranged to represent each of the 27 Lincolnshire Stations of Bomber Command.  The bulbs were then planted wherever they had landed with groups of mixed bulbs being planted along the northern footpath.