Bexhill business expansion gets underway

Influence has been appointed to assess the landscape and visual effects of the Bexhill Business Mall development. This follows the approval of planning applications for the North East Bexhill Gateway Road (NEBGR) and Bexhill Enterprise Park, supported by our Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) and Landscape Design.

This high profile scheme forms one of the most significant business development sites in Sussex. The development is located in an accessible area adjacent to the Bexhill Hasting Link Road and the popular Combe Haven Valley Country Park. Our landscape-led proposals combine the rural ‘feel’ of the park with high quality hard and soft landscape solutions. This will create a coherent landscape framework, attracting high profile businesses while remaining sensitive to the surrounding landscape character.

Influence will work closely with the project architect to incorporate all LVIA findings into the scheme, mitigating any adverse landscape and visual effects associated with the development.

To find out more, read our Bexhil Business Mall case study.

Bexhill Business Mall