Amy Bruce – Work Experience

I am currently an A Level student at The Minster School studying Geography, Business and Government and Politics. As part of the A Level curriculum, students are expected to complete a week of work experience in an area/career that interests them.

Therefore, I decided to complete my work experience week at Influence as I have a huge passion for geography, design and for the environment. Influence is a firm that focuses on shaping the environment through landscape and architecture, urban design and environmental planning, so therefore is very much aligned to my interests.

Throughout this week I have been able to discover many aspects of the job. I’ve studied how LVIA reports are formed, studied the many different constraints and opportunities for development sites, attended a design team meeting, looked at how social media is run in a corporate organisation, completed some product preparation work such as grid references for viewpoint locations and visited a potential development site in Northamptonshire. On my site visit, we took photos of various locations to see potential viewpoints and visited the site itself to analyse the different points of interest, for example, the topography of the site and existing trees/buildings etc., which I found really interesting.

Overall, I believe this has been a really positive opportunity as it’s given me a huge insight into the characteristics of this particular career path. The job looks very diverse and completing this work experience opportunity has inspired me to look into university courses that have chartered membership of landscape architecture, which will hopefully enable me to fulfil a career within the landscape design or landscape architecture profession.

The Minster School