Influence Gets the Edge

Whilst attending a Newark Business Club meeting, as well as making some useful new contacts, Shona was also the lucky finder of a golden ticket! This golden ticket entitled the bearer to choose a workshop for the Influence team which was provided by Lisa Whitehead, Director at Get the Edge.

Lisa, who is a multi-award winning therapist, soul purpose coach and author of Get A Life! The Guidebook, visited us at our Newark office to run our chosen course – ‘Colourful Art of Communication’.

This personality profiling course is designed to recognise and value the differences in people and identify ideal ways of communication between members of the team.

We all took an instant liking to Lisa. Maybe it was the Maltesers and flapjacks she bought with her, or maybe it was because she was a yellow….?

We were all given four different coloured cards with different personality traits written on them and were asked to decide which of these cards best described our own personalities. The colour of the chosen card depicted our personality type, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green. This then enabled us to discover how each of us prefer to gather information, how we make decisions and how we tend to respond in certain situations.

We separated the introverts from the extroverts, the sensing from the intuiting and the ‘thinkers’ from the ‘feelers’. It was really interesting to see how we all perceive ourselves, how we perceive each other and how we each perceive the same situations differently.

We learned how to recognise personality types by their language patterns, their body language, even their clothing. We also understood how each personality type has specific preferences which we can use to motivate and communicate with them and ensure that they feel comfortable.

The course was a great way to learn about each other, how we work together and how we can get the best from the team and provide the best to our clients. It was a brilliant chance for self-reflection and to consider others around us.